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Table 6 The effect of vehicular air pollution on ascorbic acid contents (mg/g) of selected tree species in the Kumasi Metropolis

From: Roadside air pollution in a tropical city: physiological and biochemical response from trees

Sampling siteTree species
Terminalia catappaMangifera indicaFicus platyphyllaPolyalthia longifolia
Control12.05 ± 0.01a14.38 ± 0.03a13.46 ± 0.10a10.91 ± 0.02a
Arterial road I19.81 ± 0.05c18.53 ± 0.04d15.97 ± 0.04b13.61 ± 0.05c
Arterial road II19.68 ± 0.19c17.18 ± 0.02c18.92 ± 0.04c12.09 ± 0.06b
Arterial road III15.41 ± 0.02b16.86 ± 0.05b16.03 ± 0.03b14.32 ± 0.15d
  1. Mean ± SE in the same column with different letters in superscript is significantly different (P < 0.05)