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Table 6 Effect of seed hardening on proline, free amino acids, RNA, and DNA content of plant shoots

From: Enhancing thermotolerance of tomato plants (Lycopersieon esculentum mill) by heat hardening of seeds

Treatments Parameters
Temp. (°C) Exposure period (h) Proline μg/g fresh wt. Amino acids mg/g dry wt. Proteins mg/g dry wt. RNA mg/g fresh wt DNA mg/g fresh wt.
Control 41.22g 7.01ef 29.21e 1.01d 0.211c
50 0.5 42.22g 6.61fg 28.38e 0.979d 0.211c
1 44.77f 7.22e 30.00de 1.07c 0.219a
2 47.25e 7.43de 30.95cd 1.10c 0.214bc
60 0.5 49.15c 6.40g 28.55g 1.17b 0.215abc
1 62.14b 8.11bc 32.04c 1.23a 0.218ab
2 64.48a 9.52ab 36.05a 1.19ab 0.218ab
70 0.5 49.33e 7.95cd 33.93b 1.09c 0.217ab
1 55.15c 9.92a 31.45c 1.01d 0.211c
2 52.14d 9.18b 31.52c 0.966d 0.212c
L.S.D at 5% 2.12 0.56 1.37 0.050 0.004