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Table 4 Effect of seed hardening on vegetative growth

From: Enhancing thermotolerance of tomato plants (Lycopersieon esculentum mill) by heat hardening of seeds

Treatments Parameters
Temp. (°C) Exposure period (h) Stem length (cm) No. of branches/plant No. of leaves/plant Leaf area (cm2/plant) Leaves fresh wt. (g/plant) Leaves dry wt. (g/plant) Shoot fresh wt. (g/plant) Shoot dry wt. g/plant
Control 36.5b 0.67d 6.33c 199.27e 6.01g 0.691d 11.76e 1.41ef
50 0.5 35.1b 0.67d 6.67c 229.10bc 6.51f 0.714cd 12.52d 1.44de
1 36.0b 1.00c 7.67ab 238.70b 6.76ef 0.743bc 13.20c 1.48cd
2 37.7b 1.33b 8.33b 239.70b 7.18cd 0.779b 13.53c 1.51bc
60 0.5 36.5b 1.00c 7.67c 215.90cd 7.02de 0.764b 13.69c 1.49cd
1 36.9ab 1.00c 8.00c 287.40a 7.65ab 0.764b 14.79b 1.51bc
2 39.3a 1.67a 8.33a 279.00a 7.95a 0.829a 15.77a 1.63a
70 0.5 39.0a 1.33b 7.67b 252.0b 7.46bc 0.774b 14.78b 1.54b
1 37.4ab 1.00c 7.00c 220.00cd 7.73ab 0.723c 13.74c 1.47cd
2 37.1ab 1.00c 6.67c 208.30de 6.10g 0.683d 12.05de 1.36f
L.S.D at 5% 2.40 0.25 0.88 15.31 0.883 0.031 0.53 0.05