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Table 4 Deconjugation of glycocholate and taurocholate or their combination by Lactococcus lactic subsp. lactisa, b

From: In vitro assessment of hypocholesterolemic activity of Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis

Conjugated bile salt Cholic acid released (mM)a, b
Sodium glycocholate (6 mM) 1.39 ± 0.43c
Sodium taurocholate (6 mM) 0.74 ± 0.25c
Sodium glycocholate (2.8 mM) + sodium taurocholate (1.2 mM) 1.46 ± 0.49c
  1. Deconjugation of glycine- or taurine-conjugated bile salt based on the released cholic acid
  2. aMRS broth supplemented with either sodium glycocholate (6 mM), sodium taurocholate (6 mM), or a mixture of sodium glycocholate (2.8 mM) and sodium taurocholate (1.2 mM)
  3. bMeans in the same column followed by different lowercase letters are significantly different (p < 0.05)
  4. cResults are expressed as the means ± standard error of the means, values are the means of triplicate measurements