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Table 1 Screening of the isolated bacteria for biosurfactant production

From: Bacterial biosurfactant from Citrobacter freundii MG812314.1 as a bioremoval tool of heavy metals from wastewater

Assays SDS Bacterial isolates MSE
BS3 BS9 BS12 BS17 BS33 BS34 BS37 BS42 BS43 BS55
Oil spreading (mm) 25ab 20bc 21bc 11ef 12ef 17cde 18cd 30a 9.0f 11ef 7.0f 1.81
EI % 69.1b 70.0b 62.1c 59.1cd 32.1f 41.8e 41.8e 89.0a 33.5f 55.6d 31.4f 1.0
ES % 71.4bc 71.4bc 70.9bc 60.9e 71.0bc 59.8e 69.4c 90.9a 65.7d 64.7d 73.2b 1.0
  1. Mean having similar letters in each column are not significantly different (P < 0.05)
  2. EI emulsification index, ES emulsification stability