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Table 2 Check list of performance of waste disposal

From: Increase adherence to waste management policy at healthcare facility in Egypt

  Subject Yes No
1 Presence of red and black waste bags in all patient care areas   
2 Red bags present near places of infectious waste production   
3 Waste bags are tied and changed per shift or when 3/4th full   
4 There is waste segregation at the origin   
5 Presence of scattered waste outside waste bags   
6 Regulated medical waste is transported in rigid, leak-proof containers, strong enough to avoid tearing or bursting during handling, and sealed during transport   
7 There is data sticker (biohazard symbol, generator name, and type of waste) attached to each package of regulated medical waste.   
8 Containers, used to hold regulated medical waste, decontaminated when necessary   
9 Workers are wearing personal protective equipment PPE   
10 Workers use safe method of waste manipulation and transportation to interim store   
11 Interim storage room is cleaned daily, protected from animals, pests, and rodents   
12 The door of interim storage room is kept closed to prevent unauthorized access   
13 Sharp containers are put as near as possible to the origin of sharp waste   
14 Sharp containers are closed and disposed when 3/4th full   
15 There are waste bags stored outside storage room   
16 There is log documenting waste delivery out of hospital   
17 There is schedule of daily transfer of hazardous waste by car to incineration