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Table 1 Reserves and annual production rates of phosphate ore in Egypt

From: Importance of phosphate pock application for sustaining agricultural production in Egypt

Area Location Reserves, M tons Produc., 1000 ton/year Average assay, P2O5 (%) Associated constituents Mining** status
Red Sea Coast Safaga area 30 18–28 SiO2, clays, carbonates (Ca, Mg) U
Hamraween 50 18–28
Qussier 20 18–28
Nile Valley E. Sebaiya 80 2000 24–31 SiO, clays, carbonates (Ca) S + U mainly surface
W.Sebaiya 100 900 20–28
Quena area 1500 15–24
New Valley Abu Tartur 1000* out of them 124 M tons oxidized ore Up to 2100 22–26 SiO2, clays, dolomote, gypsum, pyrite S + U majority surface
Total   2780 5000    
  1. U underground mining, S surface mining
  2. *These reserves are the verified reserves at Abu Tartur. The probable and possible phosphate reserves at Abu Tartur location are almost ten times this amount