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Table 3 Examples of chemosensitizers of ABC transporters isolated from natural sources (marine organisms, insects, and fungi)

From: Targeting multidrug resistance in cancer by natural chemosensitizers

Target ABC transporter Chemosensitizer Source Reference
ABCB1 Agosterol A and derivatives Marine organisms (Mitsuo et al. 2003; Aoki et al. 1999)
Kendarimide A (Aoki et al. 2004)
Polyoxygenated steroids (Tanaka et al. 2002)
Sipholane triterpenoid (Shi et al. 2007a; Jain et al. 2007)
Cantharidin trepene Insect (Zheng et al. 2008)
Tryprostatin A Fungus (Woehlecke et al. 2003)
Tryptanthrin (Yu et al. 2007)
ABCG2 Fumitremorgin C Fungus (Rabindran et al. 2000; Robey et al. 2001)