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Table 1 Families of human ABC transporters and their functions. Data were adapted from Vasiliou et al. (2009)

From: Targeting multidrug resistance in cancer by natural chemosensitizers

ABC transporter family ABC transporter Major function
ABCA ABCA1 Efflux of cholesterol
ABCA4 Efflux of N-retinylidene-phosphatidylethanolamine (PE)
ABCA5 Urinary diagnostic marker for prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN)
ABCA7 Efflux of Cholesterol
ABCA8 Transports of some lipophilic drugs
ABCA9 Might play a role in monocyte differentiation and macrophage lipid homeostasis
ABCA10 Cholesterol-responsive gene
ABCA12 Has implications for prenatal diagnosis
ABCA13 Inherited disorder affecting the pancreas
ABCB2-TAP1 Peptide transport
ABCB3-TAP2 Peptide transport
ABCB4 Phosphatidylcholine (PC) transport
ABCB5 Melanogenesis
ABCB6 Iron transport
ABCB7 Fe/S cluster transport
ABCB8 Intracellular peptide trafficking across membranes
ABCB9 Located in lysosomes
ABCB10 Export of peptides derived from proteolysis of inner-membrane proteins
ABCB11 Bile salt transport
ABCC2 Organic anion efflux
ABCC4 Nucleoside transport
ABCC5 Nucleoside transport
ABCC6 Expressed primarily in liver and kidney
ABCC7-CFTR Chloride ion channel (same as CFTR gene in cystic fibrosis)
ABCC8 Sulfonylurea receptor
ABCC9 Encodes the regulatory SUR2A subunit of the cardiac K(ATP)channel
ABCC10 MDR, xenobiotic efflux
ABCC13 Encodes a polypeptide of unknown function
ABCD ABCD1 Transport of Very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA)
ABCD2 Major modifier locus for clinical diversity in X linked ALD (X-ALD)
ABCD3 Involved in import of fatty acids and/or fatty acyl coenzyme as into the peroxisome
ABCD4 May modify the ALD phenotype
ABCE ABCE1 Oligoadenylate-binding protein
ABCF ABCF1 Susceptibility to autoimmune pancreatitis
ABCF2 Tumor suppression at metastatic sites and in endocrine pathway for breast cancer/drug resistance
ABCF3 Also present in promastigotes (one of five forms in the life cycle of trypanosomes)
ABCG ABCG1 Cholesterol transport
ABCG2 MDR, xenobiotic efflux
ABCG4 Found in macrophage, eye, brain and spleen
ABCG5 Sterol transport
ABCG8 Sterol transport