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Table 3 Effect of silicon and potassium, sodium and calcium silicates, and a fungicide on strawberry yield under field conditions

From: Management of strawberry leaf blight disease caused by Phomopsis obscurans using silicate salts under field conditions

Treatment Application Yield (tons/feddan) Increase %
Silicon Soil 7.4d 13.8
Soil+ foliar 8.5b 30.8
Potassium silicate Soil 8.0bc 23.1
Soil+ foliar 10.4a 60
Sodium silicate Soil 7.2 10.8
Soil+ foliar 7.4d 13.8
Calcium silicate Soil 7.9 c 21.5
Soil+ foliar 10.0 a 53.8
Amstar (fungicide) 1 ml/l foliar 7.8c 20.0
Control   6.5 e 0.0
  1. Figures with the same letters are not significantly different (P ≤ 0.05) using Tukey’s test