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Table 4 Effect of laser radiation on floral characters of Eustoma grandiflorum adapted plants

From: In vitro laser radiation induces mutation and growth in Eustoma grandiflorum plant

Character Control Blue (min.) Green (min.) Red (min.)
Dose (min.) (0) 5 10 20 25 5 10 20 25 5 10 20 25
Days to flower bud initiation 177ab 120.33de 134cde 94.67e 103de 133cde 145bcd 122cde 143bcd 198a 164abc 131.33cde 105de
Days to bloom 183.33a 152.67b 144.33b 102d 192.33a 192a 148b 133.5cd 150.33b 203.67a 192a 135bc 113cd
Flowering percentage (%) 18.51c 21.55bc 10.11c 59.25a 9.37c 9.37c 37.03b 37.03b 10.85c 9.37c 9.37c 72.07a 25.92bc
No .of flower buds/plant 2.33cd 7.33b 6bc 12.33a 4.33bcd 2.33cd 5.67bc 5bcd 3.33bcd 1d 3bcd 1.67cd 4bcd
No. of flowers/plant 1.67c 6ab 4bc 8.33a 3.33bc 1c 5.67ab 2.67bc 1.33c 1c 1c 1.67bc 3.67bc
Flower Diameter (cm) 2.33c 2.83bc 2.16c 4.83a 2.16c 2.13c 4.46a 3.8ab 2.86bc 2.13c 2.33c 4.5a 3.83ab
Bloom stem length (cm) 6.5def 8cd 3.5ef 29a 2.5f 2.16f 8.16cd 10.8bc 2.16f 2.3f 2.4f 6.83cde 14b
Peduncle length (cm) 3.67d 6.16c 2.67d 8.5ab 3d 2.83d 6.16c 7.5bc 3.16d 2.9d 2.9d 6.6c 9.7a
Days to flower senescence (from blooming) 3d 10.33ab 4cd 12.67a 3.67cd 3d 9abc 6.67bcd 10ab 3d 3d 7.67abcd 7bcd
No. of petals/flower 11def 14cde 8.33f 20ab 9f 8.33f 17.33bc 24a 9.67f 9f 10ef 15cd 21.67a
Petals area (cm2) 3.76c 1.95cd 1.79d 7.58a 1.98cd 2.04cd 5.72b 5.71b 3.09cd 1.98cd 1.9cd 5.54b 6.44ab
No. of Stamens per flower 4c 5bc 3c 6.67ab 3c 3c 7a 4.67c 4.33c 3c 3.67ab 6.67ab 4.67c
F.W. of flower (g) 0.41bcd 0.24cd 0.16d 1.42a 0.13d 0.15d 0.62bc 0.72b 0.18d 0.031d 0.038d 0.76b 1.33a
D.W. of flower (g) 0.095bcde 0.095bcde 0.058cd 0.14ab 0.44cde 0.025e 0.081bcde 0.12abc 0.051cde 0.015e 0.028de 0.11bcd 0.19a
  1. Means within a column having the same letters are not significantly different according to Duncan’s multiple range test (DMRT) at 5% level