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Table 1 Cultural and biochemical characteristic of the promising bacterial isolate

From: Production and optimization of α-amylase from thermo-halophilic bacteria isolated from different local marine environments

Test Bacillus sp. NRC22017
Morphological characterization
 Gram stain Positive
 Motility Positive
 Spore-former Positive
 Appearance of the colony surface Wrinkled
 Color Creamy
 Elevation Umbonate
 Edge Entire
 Whole colony Circular
 Pigmentation No pigment
 Opacity of the bacterial colony Opaque
Biochemical characterization
 Starch hydrolysis Positive
 Voges-Proskauer Negative
 Citrate utilization Negative
 Nitrate reduction Negative
 Oxidase Positive
 Catalase Positive
Acid production from
 Glucose Positive
 Fructose Positive
 Galactose Negative
 Lactose Negative
 Maltose Negative
 Sucrose Positive
 Mannose Positive
 Xylose Negative