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Table 2 Mean, standard deviation (SD) values, and results of comparison between VAS scores in the two groups as well as the changes within each group

From: Management of pain in oral lichen planus patients: a comparative pilot study

  Corticosteroids (n = 12) Laser (n = 12) P value (between groups)
Mean SD Mean SD
 Pre-treatment 6.8a 0.9 7.0a 1.8 0.807
 Post-treatment 0.9b 1.0 3.9b 3.0 0.020*
 Follow-up 0.8b 1.0 1.5b 0.7 0.333
P value (within group) 0.024* 0.043*  
  1. Different superscripts in the same column are statistically significantly different
  2. *Significant at P ≤ 0.05